As Louisville’s only nonprofit cat café, our mission is to help homeless and abandoned cats find permanent homes and to provide a safe, friendly space for adults and children 8 and older to interact with cats. We believe the cat chooses its owner. More than a dozen cats and kittens live here, waiting on their human to come and find them. They are all adoptable, although most visitors come to play, hang out, and pet cats, what we call "purr therapy”. 

Housed in a cozy 1920’s traditional house in the Upper Highlands, we offer a peaceful and homey space, with soft music in the background, and cats playing on the floor or napping peacefully. Human visitors will find couches, chairs, small tables, rugs and pillows. About a dozen resident cats have their own furniture:  cat beds, climbing trees, hideaway cubbies, and fuzzy cat towers everywhere you look.


Looking for a gift card for someone special? Our Kitty Coupon Card gets you 10 visits at a great discount!


As if cats weren’t enough, we offer a selection of locally roasted coffee, teas, hot cocoa,

lemonade and soft drinks. Fresh bakery items include lemon squares, pumpkin bread,

brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and other unique sweet treats.


The cats' living space is separate from the lobby and café area. Visitors may take their food and drink into the cat lounge if they wish. Don’t worry – Our kitties cannot wander into the café area or help brew the coffee!